I would like to take a moment to compliment you on a great product. I recently purchased the Novus Plastic Polish from Best Plastic Cleaner because I have tried so many different products to clean the enclosure for my boat that I have all but given up. I used your kit as you described and was so impressed that I called my fellow boaters over to make sure I was not seeing things. It really took out the scratches and cleaned the glass. I can see thru the enclosure again. Enclosed please find my order for the large size kit. I am sure my friends will be ordering their supplies as well. Thanks again.

Jack R. Levy
Greenport, NY
Thank you sooo much for the prompt delivery. I am using Novus #1 & #2 on my motorcycle Windshield and Dash. This product works wonders on my motorcycle's sensitive plastics. I will refer you to all my friends and cycling buddies.Thanks Again!

We run a public aquarium, Audubon Aquarium of the Americas, and we clean our acrylic windows every day with Novus 1.
Thanks, Christa
Late Thursday night...we've just moved our showroom and it's been total chaos!
But I wanted to thank you for your excellent follow-up on my little order today. Just terrific!
It's a pleasure to do business with people like you.
Much appreciated

Steve Rosenberger
Creative Director
Thom Home Inc.
Curiously enough, I started purchasing Novus for the windshield of my Harley motorcycle. It is sold in all the Harley shops. When I started purchasing modular desk systems for the City, I noticed that the “windows” are made of the same material as my windshield. So I brought a bottle in from home to try on the windows, and the Novus worked great. It is now policy that ONLY Novus may be used to clean all workstation windows, to prevent scratches and other damage.
Paul J Calapa
Purchasing / Contracting Directorr
City of Brownsville, Texas
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